A Tropical Paradise

Our next speaker, Peter Reddish, will take us back to the Solomon Islands, which were his home for three years, as a Government Development Adviser. His wonderful photographs of this Tropical Paradise will

dispel the gloom of a November evening.

This is what Peter has to say about his talk

Tropical Paradise is a light-hearted presentation that suits all ages and is especially appropriate for the long dark, damp evenings of a UK winter when most peoples’ summer holidays are just a distant memory. It is all white sands, blue seas, coconut palms on very remote islands coupled with the problems and joys of living and travelling there.

Having lived for three years in the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific and prior to the publicity of the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, I try to provide an interesting and amusing insight into the realities of everyday life as an expatriate working in this beautiful and very remote location. The talk covers some of the region’s history and problems as well as my work helping to develop the economy of this country and the associated travels to remote tropical islands with dense rain-forests, coral reefs, snow white beaches and active volcanoes.