Children of the World

20th February 2020

On the road to Tashkent

In the many years that Tony Ord has been travelling, he has taken a large number of photographs, not only of the wildlife, but of the peoples from the many parts of the World that he and his wife, Sheila have visited. It is the children of these places that he wants to share with you and there is often an interesting tale to go with the encounter.

A novice monk in Burma

A cheeky duo in Sumatra

The pictures are of children enjoying the innocence of childhood, often long before the advent of social media to destroy it. Some are taken discreetly, but more often the children are enthusiastic subjects. All the pictures to be shown are of peaceful and non abusive situations and will provide an entertaining insight into the lives of children and their environments in other parts of the World.

Can you see Daddy’s little fishing boat?