Christleton Great War Stories

Our Member and local historian, David Cummings and the Christleton Local History Group was prompted by the Centenary of the Great War, as the First World War was known, to create a project to investigate the affect the Great War had on the people of Christleton and surrounding villages who went to war and those who waited, many in vain, for their safe return. Who were they and what did they do?

This is an extract from the website at the outset of the project.

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The project team and volunteers intend to research the stories of soldiers, and the way the Parish Community supported their efforts, and produce a range of educational activities to commemorate the Great War 1914-18. The Community has gathered together each Remembrance Day at a Church Service and at the War Memorial to hear the names of the fallen, but very little is known about these individuals who selflessly sacrificed their lives during the Great War. We want to know who these people were, where they lived, and what part they played in village life before they went to fight. We also want to explore what they did in the war, and where they died and are commemorated, so villagers of today, especially our young people can respect their memory. We want to put faces to names where possible, and tell the stories of these brave forgotten people.

Now the project is complete with the help of many individuals and financial aid from the Heritage Lottery Fund

and a book has been published Christleton Great War Stories

David will tell us about the work of the project and some of the stories that came to light in their researches.

A fascinating piece of local history. No guesses as to what the raffle prize will be!