Islam and its Culture

What do we know about Islam? There is news of it, almost every day, in the newspapers, on the radio and TV etc and almost always, it is a report about the atrocities perpetrated in the name of Allah by one of the many extremist groups

the religion has spawned. There is another side to the religion, which is practiced by about three million citizens of the UK and Dr Javad Hashemi, who is Iranian by birth, will tell us about the origins of Islam and its Culture, which will give us a clearer understanding of a faith that is followed by so many, with such devotion. Islam is now a major faith in our Country and increasingly so. In Chester Islam has little impact on our lives, but there are cities in the UK, like Leicester, where it is the predominant faith. To ignore it won’t be an option for our grandchildren. We will all leave Dr. Hashemi’s talk, better informed and with much to think about.   He has some good pictures to illustrate his talk.