2021-2022 Season

All meetings start at 7:30 PM prompt and, unless otherwise stated, are held in the Lecture Theatre, Grosvenor Museum, Grosvenor Street, Chester CH1 2DD (See map) Tel: 01244 972 197

Members admitted free on presentation of Membership card.

Non-members £5.00 each
Students £2.00 each
Children U12 free

January 13th     Jim Holmes is a Documentary Photographer who has travelled worldwide documenting events affecting humanity. His illustrated talk entitled Humanitarian Visions will deal with some of the more positive and less stressful aspects of humanity’s existence. Jim, who lives in Chester, says that his talk will be an uplifting experience, ideal for the post Christmas period.

January 27th    Anthony Annikin – Smith  This day happens to be World Holocaust day when some of the heinous crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Nazi regime in the 1930s and WW11 are recalled and commemorated by us all, irrespective of our faith.  Anthony’s talk is based on the recorded experiences of those who lived and died through those terrible times. We owe it to all who perished to hear what is said.

February 10th     Nick Fry  On a brighter note and close to home, Nick will talk to us about the history and treasures of our magnificent Cathedral. We all know of it, but do we know how and why it has survived and what treasures it holds within its walls. Nick, who has been to us before and is an excellent speaker will tell you of things that you didn’t know before.

February 24th     Andrew Lound  will dress in period costume for his presentation  Lunatik Astronomy which is about some of  the great thinkers of the 18th century, who with their various interests were part of the foundation of the Industrial Revolution. Thinkers they were and a curiosity about the origins of our life and the Universe led them down practical paths to try and solve some of their unanswered questions. To this end the likes of Matthew Bolton, James Watt, Joseph Priestley and others, founded the Lunar Society, so called because it met each month on the Monday   closest to the full Moon, but it had astronomical objectives too.

This is what Andrew says about his presentation.  The Lunar Society was one of the most influential groups in the 18th century, no aspect of science and industry was overlooked at their monthly dinner parties. Although the development of the steam engine and coinage production became the main focus for Matthew Boulton, he had developed a passion for astronomy. Andrew Lound tells the story of the Lunar Society’s interests in astronomy based on new research that has revealed some surprising facts! A dramatic presentation beautifully illustrated and accompanied by music and presented with 18th century flair!                         

March 10th Members evening and AGM  This meeting will be an opportunity for Members to talk for ten minutes , or so, about an experience in their life.